John Bregazzi Obituary, John Bregazzi Has Passed Away

John Bregazzi Obituary, Durham Native, John Bregazzi Has Passed Away


John Bregazzi Obituary, Death – John Bregazzi,  On May 4, he was in the hospital when he unexpectedly and peacefully passed away. His passing was peaceful and quiet. The news of his death came as a total shock to everyone. He had given his entire life to his loving and encouraging family, and now they encircled him like a protective cocoon. He had given up his life in order to further their cause.

In addition to being a well-liked husband of Lyn, a Freeman of the City of Durham, a highly prized father of Mark, a dedicated granddad to Isabella, Lucas, and Freya, and a well-liked husband of Lyn, John was also a beloved brother, uncle, and friend to a great number of people. Isabella, Lucas, and Freya were dedicated to having John as their granddad.

In addition to being a beloved parent, he was a respected grandparent to Isabella, Lucas, and Freya through his son Mark. In addition to that, others held a favorable opinion of him due to the fact that he was Mark’s father. When he left, he was 67 years old and had been through a lot in his life. John was a Freeman, which meant he was a part of the group that was out there.

The funeral service and cremation of the dead will take place at the Durham Crematorium in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 30, at 2:00 o’clock. The funeral service will be followed by the cremation of the deceased. Friends are asked to attend. At the end of everything that takes place, everyone who is present will have the option to renew themselves with some refreshments at the Meadowfield Club. This will take place once everything has come to a conclusion. At this time, it is only appropriate for immediate family members to receive flowers given as a gesture of condolence.



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