Jonah Borth Obituary, Jonah Borth (Aged15) Has Been Shot Dead


Jonah Borth Obituary, Death –  Jonah was noted for his positive attitude and his smile that never left his face. He was extremely loyal to his companions and cherished the time he could spend with his family. He possessed a great singing voice and a profound respect for the craft of music, both of which were gifts from God. Both the choir at RRHS and the choir at Grand Cities Children’s Choir were open to his participation. He was a member of both.

He was a member of the ensemble that was referred to as the Chamber Choir. He was a member of the ACDA Honor Choir, which he participated in. Additionally, he was a member of both the SPA and RRHS orchestras and engaged in the theatrical program at SPA. He put a great deal of faith in God, and he was always prepared to lend a hand at the church in which he worshipped. He kept himself busy by engaging in a variety of pursuits during the day, such as going for bike rides, playing frisbee golf, and telling jokes whenever he got the chance.

His mother, Laurie Blackberg, his father, Mikael Blackberg, both of Grand Forks, and his father, Perry Borth, also of Grand Forks, are among the survivors. Also residing in Grand Forks is his father, Perry Borth. Siblings, Zane (Laura) Blackberg, Grand Forks; Grace Blackberg, Seattle, WA Moriah and Bethany Blackberg, who both reside in Grand Forks; Moriah and Bethany’s grandparents, Ray and Judy LeClerc, who also reside in Grand Forks; and Moriah and Bethany’s grandparents, Lyle and Merice Blackberg, who reside in Florida. The individuals referred to as “Scott (Jayne) Anderson,” “Ed Borth,” and “Jason Borth” are all our respective uncles.

Cousins Monty and Mark Blackberg, along with their aunts Lynette (Curt) Thelen and Susan (Blake) Boulduc, all hail from the Blackberg family. In addition to that, quite a few of their cousins made it. His great-grandfather Wayne Anderson, his grandparents Ray and Cheryl Borth, and his uncle Michael Borth all went away before he was born. His grandfather was also named Wayne Anderson.

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