Joseph Scott Pemberton Murder, Ontario, US Marine Charged with Murder after woman killed


Joseph Scott Pemberton Murder, Death –  On Tuesday, a Philippine court found a US Marine guilty of killing a transgender woman and sentenced him to six to twelve years in prison. This decision has stirred up more debate about why American troops are still in the Philippines, which used to be a part of the United States. Jennifer Laude’s body was discovered in a hotel near a former U.S. military post northwest of Manila a year ago, and the Olongapo City regional trial court ordered Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton to pay the family more than 4.5 million pesos ($95,350).

Last year, Jennifer Laude’s body was found in the hotel room she was living in. Pemberton will be sentenced to at least six years in prison and up to twelve years. He was accused of murder, but in the end, he was found guilty of homicide, which is not as terrible as murder and does not need the defendant to have done something malicious. He can appeal both the decision and the punishment. “This is not quite a victory,” Laude’s sister, Malou Laude, told Reuters.

“This is not quite a victory.” “We thought we would be charged with murder, but instead we were charged with killing. We disagree with the decision that was made. Pemberton had already said in court that he choked Laude, but that he did not kill her. After he learned that the person giving him oral sex was a man and not a woman, he said that he stabbed the other person in self-defense. Demonstrators congregated in front of the Hall of Justice with posters that shouted “Justice for Jennifer Laude!” “Pemberton Jail in the Philippines,” “Justice for the people of the Philippines,” As part of a visiting forces agreement, Pemberton was supposed to be held in the national penitentiary in Muntinlupa, which is south of the capital city.

This was supposed to happen until the Philippine and US governments could agree on where he should serve the remainder of his sentence. A lawyer for the victim, on the other hand, said that there was a short talk with US officials about where Pemberton should go. The judge determined that Pemberton should stay at a Philippine army base for five days while a more permanent answer was found.

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