Joshua Molina Car Accident, Miami Florida, Joshua Molina Has Died

Joshua Molina Car Accident, Miami Florida, Joshua Molina Has Died


Joshua Molina Car Accident, Death – A tragic pedestrian collision occurred early on Sunday morning close to the intersection of Elm Avenue and Avenue J. At the site, both a man and a woman were declared dead. Two pedestrians walked into the path of a Chevrolet Cruz that was moving in the opposite direction at about 12:55 in the morning, causing the accident.

The Chevrolet struck a Hispanic guy and a black woman while it was traveling east in the second lane of Avenue J at the intersection of Avenue J and Elm Avenue. According to the accounts obtained, the driver claimed that he was unable to prevent the collision. He called 911, remained in place, and cooperated with the authorities. Emergency personnel that arrived on the scene discovered that both victims had passed away.

Assistant Chief Ed Winter of the coroner’s office identified the deceased as Joshua Hidalgo Molina, 24. Sgt. Michael Politano of the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station reports that the female victim has not yet been identified.
Molina may have been intoxicated at the time of the accident, but it is unknown whether the woman was when they collided.

The fatal collision is still being investigated by the police. The driver, in the opinion of the authorities, was not speeding and was not intoxicated. Through a GoFundMe page, the family of Molina has requested support for the expenses related to his funeral. You can donate by clicking the link.

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