Joyce Pastelin Obituary, Joyce Pastelin Has died

Joyce Pastelin Obituary, Joyce Pastelin Has died


Joyce Pastelin Obituary, Death – On Monday morning, Joyce Pastelin passed away suddenly, leaving this world with a void. Nobody was prepared, and none of us could have predicted that she would leave so quickly or so abruptly. My heart hurts, but I can’t begin to fathom what her son and girls must be going through. All of her family and friends will miss her and grieve her passing.
When I was a tween and in need of a real companion, Joyce entered my life. She added joy to my life and we both possessed a gift for irony. We whirled in the same direction to the song of life while speaking the same language. There were a lot of wonderful occasions, some challenging times, and everything in between in our friendship. We watched Wayne’s World countless times and sung along to all of the songs. Has this ever happened to you? Being grounded from being around your best buddy rather than from doing anything? We were, and it felt like it went on forever.

But if I had the chance to change being separated from each other and walk from Philipsburg to Conway in our jammies again, I wouldn’t! I would go on a million walks with you there. If it meant you were still here to experience it with me, I would choose to relive our worst day. Our daughters were allowed to attend kindergarten and first grade simultaneously. (I was unfortunate not to have met your lovely Penelope.) Our children played together.

Joyce was a fighter; she overcame numerous challenges in her life, even when she had to crawl. She never gave up, persevered though some of the most difficult situations in life, and paved the way for her children’s future. She was devoted to her kids and occasionally had to work two jobs to provide for and raise them by herself. She strongly defended her loved ones and was extremely protective of them. She was tolerant and never put off giving someone a second chance. She defended her values and what was important to her.

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