Angela Diehl Obituary, Death, Angela Diehl Has Passed Away

Joyce Urban Obituary, Death, Joyce Urban Has Passed Away


Joyce Urban Obituary, Death – Joyce Urban, who was a member of our Surviving Spouse group and the wife of Al Urban, another member who has since passed away, has recently passed away, as was just recently brought to our attention. During this time of great trial, our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Once everything has been ironed out, the plans will be detailed and released.

Please remember the Urban family in your thoughts and prayers till further notice. They are asking for your continued support at this difficult time. I am grateful. Joyce had carried on without pausing for a second to catch her breath. She had a disposition that was as sugary sweet as she was, but she also had a bit of a bite to her.

She carried herself with the mentality that she ought to have fun and make the most of every opportunity that came her way in life. She was an avid music fan and spent her free time attending concerts, traveling, camping, and tending to her garden. Her home was her sanctuary, and she had it designed to look like a fairy garden in order to feel more at home there.

She raised dogs, displayed them at dog shows, and did dog grooming as a business since she was so passionate about canines. Joyce prioritized spending time with her husband James the vast majority of the time that she had available. Joyce’s life revolved around James, and the two of them had a deep love for their house, for traveling, and for each other. James was the focal point of Joyce’s existence.

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