Karen Lumley Obituary, former Redditch MP Has Sadly Passed Away


Karen Lumley Obituary – Karen Lumley, a former member of parliament for Redditch who went away at the age of 59, was married to Richard Lumley before she passed away. Richard, a geologist, was married to Karen for 39 years before she passed away not too long ago. He is currently employed with RKL Geological Services, a geological services company that is based in Redditch, England. His position there is that of an Operations Geologist.

Before that, Richard was employed at INEOS Breagh in London as a Contract Operations Geologist for a total of six years and four months, beginning in February 2017. Richard and Karen have been blessed with the presence of two offspring: a daughter by the name of Lizzie and a son by the name of Chris. Karen Lumley used to have a Wikipedia page that detailed her life and all of her accomplishments, however Richard Lumley does not have a page dedicated to him on the website.

Karen Lumley was a well-known politician in England who belonged to the Conservative Party and represented Redditch as the member of parliament for that constituency. In 2010, she was victorious in the election by garnering a victory over the then-current Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith. Prior to beginning her career in politics, Karen was active in the Conservative Party, serving in a number of leadership posts within the organization and on several councils. It is important to note that the information presented about Richard Lumley is based on the information that is currently accessible and that it is possible that this information is not exhaustive.

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