Karen Sullivan Obituary, Louisville KY, Karen Sullivan has Passed Away


Karen Sullivan Obituary, Death – It was determined on Friday that the deceased who passed away as a consequence of injuries sustained in a collision that took place on Interstate 264 at Crittenden Drive and included two cars was a female from Louisville who was 61 years old. The collision involved two cars. There were two vehicles involved in the crash. There were two cars engaged in the collision that occurred. Both of the automobiles that were being driven at the time of the collision were involved in the accident that took place. At the time of the collision, there were two cars traveling along the road, and both of them were damaged as a result of it.

According to the findings of the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office, Karen Sullivan was transported to University Hospital after suffering injuries that were consistent with blunt force trauma. These injuries led to her hospitalization. It was also determined by the medical examiner’s office that Karen Sullivan had died of blunt force trauma. She had sustained these injuries, which is why she was sent to that facility. She passed away at the scene of the collision where she was injured after regrettably not surviving her injuries and being unable to recover from them.

On Interstate 264 around 6:30 p.m., it was reported that Sullivan rear-ended another vehicle, which led to the collision that the Louisville Metro Police Department investigated. The reports indicate that the incidence took place as a direct consequence of the collision that took place earlier. The driver of the second vehicle, as well as any of the passengers in that vehicle, as well as any of the other passengers, did not receive any kind of harm as a direct result of the accident. Neither did any of the other passengers. Not a single one of the other passengers, including myself, did it either.

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