Kaslyn Switzer Obituary, North Carolina, Kaslyn Switzer Has Died

Kaslyn Switzer Obituary, North Carolina, Kaslyn Switzer Has Died


Kaslyn Switzer Obituary, Death – I was quite nervous for the first day of classes at Asheboro High School because I didn’t know anyone there when I started my junior year. I managed to find my homeroom and settled into a seat next to a girl who was sporting the same blouse as myself.

She said, “Hey, I like your shirt,” before I could respond. Kaslyn here. We will become the best of friends. And she was entirely right. Like Thelma and Louise, we were very sly and dishonest. Everyone had a good time that day because Kaslyn was in their company.

No matter if we were squeezing into the 220 on the way to Greensboro, rushing to class, or sneaking up to Boone to get a tattoo, life was always full of interesting new experiences. Anyone would be fortunate to have a friend like her. She had just been in touch with me this week to check on me and let me know how happy she was that I had started my new internship. No matter how long it had been since we had last seen each other, we always managed to pick up just where we had left off. I will keep the Switzer family in my prayers. Kaslyn Switzer will always be loved and missed, and her loss will be felt keenly.

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