Kevin Archer Maryland Obituary, McHenry, MD, has passed Away

Kevin Archer Maryland Obituary, McHenry, MD, has passed Away


Kevin Archer Maryland Obituary, Death –  On May 16, 2023, Kevin Archer, who was from McHenry, Maryland and had 39 years of age, passed away at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia. Deborah (Galleher) Archer, who gave birth to him on April 19, 1984 in Silver Spring, Maryland, and the late David Archer, who passed away, were his parents. He was the son of Deborah (Galleher) Archer and David Archer.

Archie’s Barbeque was the name of the family business, which was run out of McHenry, Maryland, and was owned by Kevin, who also worked there as an owner and operator. After he passes away, he will be missed by a number of people, including his mother Deborah, his fiancée Melissa Mitchell, his brother Anthony and sister-in-law Chloie, and his brother Asa.

Kevin enjoyed life to the fullest and made it a top priority to spend time with the people he cared about the most, which included his friends and his family. He enjoyed going out on the water on a boat, playing cards, attending concerts, going to the movies, and listening to music. He was an outstanding communicator and took great pleasure in engaging in lively dialogues with a huge number of festivalgoers while serving them Archie’s BBQ.

Following the directions that he left behind, he will be cremated, and at a later point, a memorial service will be held in his honor to pay tribute to his life. Newman Funeral Homes, P.A., which is located at 26722 Garrett Highway in McHenry (Accident), is offering the family assistance with making preparations for the cremation of the deceased. HART for Animals can be reached at 1265 Bumble Bee Road, Accident, Maryland 21520 and would appreciate receiving your condolences. Sending them to this address is the correct course of action.

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