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Kim Sickafoose Obituary, Death, Kim Sickafoose Police Chief in Silverhill Has Died


Kim Sickafoose Obituary, Death –  At the State Docks in Mobile, early on Thursday morning, a Port Authority Police officer passed away while on duty. It’s unclear what led to her passing away. We know that an emergency call was made regarding a car sinking in the Mobile River before three in the morning. Officer Kim Sickafoose, who once held the position of police chief in Silverhill, is currently being honoured by the law enforcement community.

I was certainly shocked. Sheriff of Baldwin County Huey Hoss Mack said, “I received the call early this morning. Mack has wrapped his shield in a black mourning band in her memory. He claims that before their yearly service honouring slain police, he was made aware of Sickafoose’s passing. This “makes it even more of a sombre of a day,” added Mack. Mobile Fire-Rescue Dispatch yelled, “Engine 8, Sinking Vehicle at 900 Alabama State Docks Boulevard,” and then added, “Rescue 3, Engine 3, Technical Rescue 8, Truck 4, District 1 Chief, Engine 8.” Crews arrived at the scene at 2:47 AM and reported requiring more help.

We’ll require a dive team. We cannot see the car because of the 40-foot depth of the water. Unidentified first responder: “We have video of the truck plunging into the water; we couldn’t see the truck from the dock, and no one has come up. The Port claims it does not believe there was any wrongdoing but has withheld information regarding the likely cause of the death or the reason the car ended up in the river. Sickafoose, formerly Kim Wasdin, held the position of police chief in Silverhill. In 2016, the city council dismissed her.

She had a passion for serving the neighbourhood, according to locals who declined to speak on camera on Thursday and told NBC 15 News they were extremely grieved by her passing. According to Sheriff Mack, she also blazed new paths. She was the first female police chief in Baldwin County, and I frequently had the chance to collaborate with her, according to Mack. “She was constantly willing to try new things, new methods, and engage the neighbourhood. Particularly when she worked in Baldwin County, I believe she truly did love the community.



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