Kyle Carey Missing, Nassau Bahamas, Help Locate Missing Kyle Carey


Kyle Carey Missing – A week after Kyle Carey, who was 20 at the time, was reported missing, his family is keeping their fingers crossed for his safe return. According to relatives, Mr. Carey was last seen on Thursday of last week. According to them, some of their neighbors in Coral Harbour allegedly saw him early on Friday morning. Any parent would be really concerned if their child went missing, especially if they know that they don’t sleep out overnight,” said Keith Carey, who is the missing man’s father. Any parent would be really concerned if their child goes missing. As you are aware, I have a great deal of anxiety over his safety.

That is the most important point. When I do locate him, the most important thing for me will be to ascertain that he is unharmed and in good health. Kyle is self-contained and prefers to spend time alone, therefore one could say he has an introverted personality. He doesn’t speak much and is always polite. The family has reported their loved one as missing after searching for them. Mr. Carey claims that the graduate of CV Bethel High School does not have a mental disability but does have underlying health difficulties. He begged and pleaded with his son to come back home.

Kyle would not have any reason to leave home or be out from home this long on his own will because he has a good relationship with his twin brother and with me and with his mother,” he said. #”I don’t see any reason for him to stay out there for any reason,” he added. However, Kyle, if you are anywhere in the world, we want you to know that we love you and that all we want is for you to come back home to us. If you have any information on Kyle’s location, please contact his father at (816) 1330 or (822) 7821 or the police station that is most convenient for you.


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