Tom Hale Obituary, Death, Tom Hale has passed away

Kyleen Agee Obituary, Kansas City MO, Kyleen Agee Has Passed Away


Kyleen Agee Obituary, Death – Over the course of many years, we remained very good friends. I never had to worry about being judged by her because she was always willing to listen to whatever I had to say without interrupting or offering her opinion. She had an air that immediately put people at ease and gave them the impression that they could discuss anything with her. She had an air about her that made people feel as though they could discuss anything with her.

I have always admired her for her strong sense of self-reliance, as well as the fact that she never gave up and was always willing to experiment with anything new. Due to the fact that she possessed both outward and within beauty in equal measure, she was the kind of peculiar person that one encounters only very infrequently. When she completed her therapy in April and was doing so well, she was the happiest I’d seen her since I’d first met her; I was so proud of her for her achievement.

She was the happiest I’d seen her since I’d first met her. It is a horrible waste that she is no longer here with us because of a single mistake since she was so much more than her illness, and she deserved to have such a fantastic life. She never stopped gushing about her daughter, how much she loved and treasured her, and how her number one goal in life was to be a fantastic mother to her daughter.

She never stopped talking about her child. I am aware that a huge number of individuals held Kyleen in high regard, and that her passing will be deeply regretted by a lot of people. I hope you’re at peace hun, you deserve it. I don’t know how to put into words how much I love and miss you. Be as brilliant and brilliantly insane as a jewel that you are


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