Mae Wolfe Obituary, Mae Wolfe Has Died

Mae Wolfe Obituary, Mae Wolfe Has Died


Mae Wolfe Obituary, Death –  Mae Wolfe Mae Strausser, who passed away unexpectedly and tragically on January 20, 1930, was born in Tremont Twp on January 20, 1930. Her passing is a tragic and unfortunate event. Both of her parents, Edward E. Strausser and Annie Schach Strausser, had passed away prior to her birth. She was their daughter.

She received her graduation from Pine Grove High School in the year 1949, making that year the one in which she graduated. Canoe Mfg. was located in the Pine Grove area all throughout the time that Mae was employed there. She was an active member of the congregations of both Hetzel’s Lutheran Church and Outwood Lutheran Church, both of which she routinely attended. She was a member of both of these congregations.

Her two sons, James Wolfe and Ronald Wolfe, Sr., as well as her two grandsons, William Bressler and Ronald Wolfe, Jr., as well as her two brothers, William and Samuel Strausser, and her two sisters, Nora and Bertha Strausser, all left before she did. Her husband William Strausser also passed away before she did. Her spouse, William Strausser, also died before her.

The only members of the family who are still alive are Molly Souders, who resides in Lebanon, her daughter Edward and Sandra Wolfe, as well as Richard and Janet Wolfe, who live in Pine Grove. Richard and Janet Wolfe are the only members of the family who have children. They were blessed with an equal number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren, in addition to a number of nieces and nephews on both sides of the family.



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