Maite Rodriguez Obituary, Death, Uvalde Texas, Funeral Details


Maite Rodriguez Obituary, Death – On Wednesday, it will have been one year since the terrible event that took place in Uvalde. On that day, 21 wonderful lives, each one brimming with hopes and dreams, were cut short. 19 intrepid youngsters and their two fearless educators. Their narratives, on the other hand, carry on, and so does their influence. We arranged to meet the mother of Maite Rodriguez in front of the colorful mural that her daughter had painted in Uvalde.

When Maite was in the fourth grade, she had already decided that she wanted to attend Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi and study marine biology in order to pursue her career goals. There is now a scholarship in her name that will be awarded to future graduates of Uvalde High School who have their sights set on TAMUCC, which was Maite’s ideal institution of higher education.

I am thankful to Ana, her mother, for providing me with the opportunity to gain further insight into this lovely young lady who was interested in a wide variety of things and was very inquisitive about the outside world. We also had the opportunity to speak with Maite’s first scholarship winner and learn what it means to her to carry on her mother’s legacy. We will go over the different ways in which you can contribute to the scholarship as it continues to expand. This evening at 10:00, “Chasing Maite’s Dream” will be broadcast on KIII 3 News. We would be honored if you would participate with us in telling her tale.

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