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Margaret Downes Obituary, Bewdleymcc News and Events Employee Has Passed Away


Margaret Downes Obituary, Death –  We are writing to let members and friends of the organization know that Margaret (Margy) Downes, one of our most enduring members, has recently passed away. Margaret had been associated with our company for a lengthy amount of time prior to her departure. Because of the news, we are left with an enormous sense of loss, and it is with this feeling that we are announcing this.

Since Margy and her family have been members of the Bewdley mcc for a long amount of time, Margy has made it a point to offer her help on a pro bono basis whenever she has been in a position to do so as a way of showing her appreciation for the club. This is due to the fact that Margy is of the opinion that it is necessary to make a contribution to the community that she and her family have been a part of for such a significant amount of time.

During this trying time, we are remembering Margy’s family in our thoughts and prayers and keeping them in our prayers as well. Please accept our condolences. She was a very loyal and devoted member of our club; she was constantly worried about the welfare of the club and made sure that it stayed active by partaking in a range of events.

She was always concerned about the welfare of the club. She was a member of our club who gave our organization a great deal of her time and effort. She never ceased fretting about the state of the club and the ways in which it could be strengthened. As a direct consequence of this, things came to completion and improvements were made, both of which directly contributed to those outcomes.

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