Maria Caracristi Obituary, Maria Caracristi Has Died

Maria Caracristi Obituary, Maria Caracristi Has Died


Maria Caracristi Obituary, Death –  Maria Carla Caracristi, who was adored by many, passed away on May 20, 2023 at the age of 89, and our hearts are broken as we announce her loss. Carla was a kind and loving mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, wife, and friend. She also had a close relationship with her other family members. She cherished and showered her affection on her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, in particular Richard, Sara, Katie, Mattea, Massimo, Michael, and John, as well as great-great-granddaughters Mia, Emily, Anouk, and Sophia.

She was a very sociable person who was always attentive, pleasant, and considerate to others, seeking connection, conversation, storytelling, and sharing insights about her family and her many travels. She was a world traveler. Carla cherished the time she spent in the kitchen preparing authentic Italian dishes and sharing them with her family, friends, and guests.

She made the most of her golden years by spending a number of relaxing winters in Florida, where she made the most of her time by the pool, laughing and chatting with her neighbors and other friends and acquaintances. Carla was born in Brentonico, which is located in the Italian Alps. Her parents were Francesca Galli and Enrico Cazzanelli. She was a young woman when she first encountered Bruno Caracristi, and he won her heart over with his singing and his charm.

They got married in 1951 and then went to Chile the following year, in 1952, where they started their family. They moved to her much-loved new house in Moncton, Canada, in 1967, where they brought up their four children: Paul (Bruna Toffolo), John (Marion Weldon), Henry (Ida Picca), and Elizabeth. In 1963, they went back to Italy, and in 1967, they immigrated to Canada.



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