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Mathew David Small Obituary, Death, Mathew Small has passed away


Mathew David Small Obituary, Death – This morning, in memory of SFC Mathew David Small, the 4th RTB took part in a HERO WOD, also known as a “workout of heroes,” which is a military-inspired workout. It is not uncommon to hear people refer to the HERO WOD as a “workout of heroes.” Sadly, on March 14, 2023, SFC Small, who valiantly fought cancer while serving as a RI with the 6th RTB.

Lost his battle with the illness after a protracted and exhausting fight against the illness. He had been battling the illness for a considerable amount of time. During the period that he spent in the military, he was a member of the Army Ranger Corps, which is an elite military force. In addition to being a husband and the happy parent of seven beautiful children, he also had this distinction.

It was a joyful coincidence that he turned 41 on the same day that he became a father to his seventh child. It was also a fortunate coincidence that his seventh child was born. All of these events took place on March 4, 2023, the day that was specified in each of them. SFC Small spent the most of his time in the military with the 82nd Airborne Division, the 3rd Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment, and the 6th Ranger Training Battalion.

These were the three units that comprised the ranger training battalion. He was not just a wonderful friend but also a man of impeccable integrity who steadfastly exemplified the Ranger Creed in everything that he did. He was a true Ranger. He served in the Rangers. He was a true model of what it means to be a leader. When he passes away, he leaves behind only his wife Mary-Margaret and his seven children: Maddox Dean, Miles Dixon, Morrison Duncan, Margaret-Melania, and Madelyn Marie Mattea. His wife Mary Margaret and their seven children comprised his family, which also included him. His children and grandchildren will carry on his legacy for many decades to come.

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