Melissa Crabtree Missing, New Mexico, Musician And Songwriter, Help Find Missing Find Woman


Melissa Crabtree Missing – Melissa, who was born on December 1st, 1968, was a remarkable artist in the community. Through the songs that she sang, she was able to get into the hearts of many people in her neighborhood. When Melissa was last seen, she was 51 years old. She has not been seen since. Melissa had a beautiful presence, as seen by her height of 5 feet 7 inches, her weight of roughly 150 pounds, her piercing blue eyes, and her blond hair. However, she struggled with personal issues that made it difficult for her to maintain her health.

In addition to dealing with the aftereffects of Lyme illness, Melissa was also suffering from depression. She disappeared without a trace on February 11th, 2020, leaving many worried and searching for answers to their questions. Melisaa’s last known location was in Tacos, New Mexico, and it was about the middle of February in the year 2020. According to some of our sources, she was living on the streets at the time in question and sought refuge at a Salvation Army facility located on West Alamada Street.

Her brother, who contacted the authorities on February 29 to report her absence, had their most recent conversation with her two weeks before. It was reported by a friend that they had seen her on February 23 at a Hindu temple in Taos. A day earlier, on February 13, Melisaa’s vehicle was discovered sitting in a parking lot close to the Rio Grande George Bridge. On the other hand, there were no signs of her anywhere along the river. As was just indicated, the local vocalist battled both depression and Lyme disease throughout her life.

Prior to her abduction, she checked herself into a mental health facility on her own will in order to receive assistance. Crabtree was hospitalized for a period of five days to obtain treatment. After that, she was nowhere to be seen. The local musician Melissa Crabtree, whose brother reported that she was missing, has not been located. The Taos County Sheriff’s Office has been concentrating their search efforts on the rim of the Rio Grande Gorge, looking both in the river and along the banks for any sign of the missing person. A vehicle belonging to Melissa was discovered close to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. The sheriff’s staff remained dedicated to pursuing leads and organized further search activities, which included deploying a helicopter and providing training to deputies.

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