Michelle Westgarth Obituary, Ontario, Michelle Westgarth Has Died

Michelle Westgarth Obituary, Ontario, Michelle Westgarth Has Died


Michelle Westgarth Obituary, Death – Despite the intense prayers I said asking that today never come to pass, Michelle Westgarth was granted her wings today. I was hoping that this day would never come to pass.
Spending time with Michelle made it physically difficult to refrain from breaking into a smile; she emanated an inexplicable type of energy that simply could not be restrained.

Whether we were modeling, spending Christmas Day together visiting nursing homes, talking about mental health, raising money for charity, networking at events, or just chatting about life, she made me laugh every time we were together. Even more than that, she is the primary reason why we ended up getting our gorgeous Betty White puppy. We are aware that you have lately made the adjustment to a new way of life.

We must now say our goodbyes to you with the certainty that you will continue to keep watch over our travels while they are still taking place on this world. Although I will never forget you since you were an incredible person, I must say that we must now say our goodbyes.

You have always stood out from the crowd due to the appealing personality you have and the giving spirit you have; those of us who had the opportunity to get to know you feel ourselves extremely fortunate to have had that opportunity; you now have God by your side. Michelle, the absence of your presence in this world will leave a gaping hole in my heart. Your kind, welcoming smile and selfless nature are going to be dearly missed. Lovely child, reach for the stars and conquer the world.

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