Mohamed Fofana Missing, Boston Castle Island 4-year-old Missing Boy Found Dead


Mohamed Fofana Missing – The heartbreaking news that Mohamed Fofana, age 4, from South Boston, had been found dead on Monday brought an end to the urgent hunt that had been underway to find him. At approximately 12:30 p.m., one of the marine units belonging to the Massachusetts State Police discovered the youngster on the coastline of Spectacle Island.

The blue shoe that he was wearing was discovered by the investigators in the water. When Fofana went missing on Sunday evening about 7 o’clock, his older sister and grandfather were in a park on Castle Island playing near the ocean when they were with him. His grandpa, Soleymane Fofana, dialed the emergency number. “(Fofana’s mother) said, ‘It’s Mother’s Day, and I’m feeling a bit worn out. I have no interest in going to the park or the beach at this time. I believe that grandfather responded by saying, “I’ll come with you.”

According to Erin Murphy, a member of the Boston City Council who represents at-large districts, “And so he feels very guilty, which is heartbreaking for him.” Castle Island can be seen in the distance immediately across the lake from its neighbor, Spectacle Island. During the course of the night, a comprehensive search was conducted across land, air, and ocean.

Additionally, rescue K9s were called in to assist. “Our search encompassed a vast search of coastline,” said State Police spokesperson Dave Procopio. “We looked not just on Castle Island here, but as far south as Hull and as far north as Deer Island,” he added.

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