Nick Gaspar Obituary, Franklin MA, Nick Gaspar has Died from Brain Tumor


Nick Gaspar Obituary, Death – There is no straightforward way to put it. In honor of Nick Gaspar and in lieu of gifts for my birthday this year, I am requesting donations to be made to the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation. Yesterday, our happy-go-lucky hero was bestowed with the privilege of flying with angels. We hope to see the day when a cure for childhood cancer can be guaranteed for all children, and if you’ve ever witnessed a child battling illness, the experience will alter your life in indelible ways. This youngster put up more of a fight than anyone else I’ve ever encountered.

Not only does he live on in my heart, but also in the work that is being done to enhance the treatment options, quality of life, and prognosis for the future of children who have brain and spinal cord cancers. He will never be forgotten. On May 14, Nick Gaspar, who is only 14 years old, was informed that he has brain cancer by his doctor. Yesterday, he underwent a procedure that was effective in removing the tumor and obtaining a biopsy of it. The family may have to wait anywhere from two to four weeks for a thorough report on Nick’s diagnosis and treatment regimen.

This is a possibility. Nicholas has always possessed a strong will to win, perhaps as a result of the fact that he and his twin brother Jordan were delivered several weeks before their expected date of delivery. We have no reason to doubt that he will go into this conflict with the same dogged determination that he has always displayed and come out on top. When you get to know Nick, it’s impossible not to fall in love with him. His wit and comebacks are quick as lightning, despite the fact that he may appear reserved to some people. He is not only extremely smart and one of the most intelligent kids I know, but he is also a Rubik’s Cube master! In addition to being considerate and thoughtful, he is also known to be one of the area’s most polite adolescents.

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