Peggy Smith Obituary, Death, Peggy Smith has passed away

Nina Collins Obituary, Death, Nina Collins has passed away


Nina Collins Obituary, Death – Nina Collins was a great friend and partner of ours, and we are now able to officially disclose to the extended Victory family that she has passed away. Nina was a wonderful member of our church family for almost 10 years, and despite the fact that in recent years she has been unable to attend services due to major health issues, she has continued to be a consistent source of encouragement and support for Victory.

A great number of us were inspired by her commitment to the faith, her zeal for the truth, her friendship, and her prayers. We are delighted and grateful for the opportunity to share fellowship with her during that time. We have no doubt that our paths will cross once more in paradise, where the two of us will finally spend all of eternity together.

Nina is now free from the physical suffering she was experiencing, she has been healed, and she is present with her Lord and Savior. Heaven has gained something from our misfortune. We don’t always have answers, there are no smart or cliche comments that address the agony of our loss on earth, and sometimes we find ourselves wondering, “Why, God, why?” We don’t always have answers, and there are no clever or cliche remarks that address the pain of our loss on earth.

At times like this, we are brought face-to-face with the transience of this life and the unwavering promise of the next. During this difficult time, we pray for Aaron and his entire family. Clyde will preside over the funeral service that will take place on June 8 at a crematorium that is convenient for the family. The full details will be provided later, and in the meanwhile, anybody who knew and loved Nina is welcome and urged to pay their respects, celebrate her legacy, and mourn her passing at the event. See less

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