Noel Catney Obituary, Ontario, Noel Catney Has Died

Noel Catney Obituary, Ontario, Noel Catney Has Died


Noel Catney Obituary, Death – Dan Banting, a longstanding officer with the Peel Regional Police police and a former acting deputy head of the police, fought cancer for a very long time and displayed a lot of bravery while doing so. He served with the force for a long period. On Friday, he was unable to continue his fight against the cancer and passed away as a result.

Banting was 64 years old at the time, and he had around 40 years’ worth of experience working as a law enforcement officer. On January 2, 1968, he filled out the paperwork required to become a member of the Mississauga Police, which was the organization’s official name back then. After changing its name in 1974, this organization is now often referred to by its new moniker, the Peel Regional Police.

In 2006, he submitted his retirement as a staff superintendent, and throughout his career he frequently acted in the post of acting deputy chief of police for Peel. In 2006, he handed in his resignation as a staff superintendent. In 2006, he resigned from the police force.

Banting was honored with the title of Police Officer of the Year in 1984, together with his partner, Noel Catney, who had previously served as the police chief of the Peel region. This accomplishment is just one of several that define Banting’s long and famous career, which includes many more. This was done as a form of recognition for their efforts in resolving a run of 22 murders that had taken place in the Peel region.

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