Norman Dickinson Obituary, Lewiston Native, Norman Dickinson Has Passed Away

Norman Dickinson Obituary, Lewiston Native, Norman Dickinson Has Passed Away


Norman Dickinson Obituary, Death – On May 14, 2023, at the age of 57, Norman Roy Dickinson, Jr. of Lewiston, Maine passed away at his home. His passing was quick and shocking, yet it was from natural causes. Norm’s loved ones had witnessed his gradual physical decline over the course of months and were making efforts to get him medical assistance, but he avoided doing so since he did not approve of what modern medicine had become. Norman R. and Lynda E. Dickinson of Fairfield Center, Maine, raised Norm, and he is their son. His brother Douglas A. Dickinson and his wife Melanie (Corson) Dickinson and their two boys, Douglas Jr. and Christopher, also survive him. Valerie J. Dickinson, Norm’s daughter from Readfield, Maine, and her lovely daughters, Amaya and Cassandra.

Ann Fields, a loyal friend of Norm’s, helped care for him in his final weeks, and the family is grateful to her. Norm was like a star that shone so brightly that it died out before its time. He embodied the definition of an ambitious businessman. Norm was never content with his amazing achievements in life, and he was always on the edge of the next big ambition. A tough and well-liked football star in high school, “Storman Norman” took a few odd jobs before launching the wildly successful computer business “Turbo Electronics” in Fairfield Center, where he has lived for over a decade.

His focus moved to networking, and he began spending his days traveling around Maine to take on computer and networking assignments. He eventually landed some extremely large accounts as a result of his hard work and dedication. Eventually, Norm realized that concrete work was where the money was at, so he launched a concrete firm that became quite successful over the course of several decades, with Norm’s crews contributing to the construction of major buildings across Maine, including the Waterville Walmart.

He was never content and continued to search for the perfect chief executive officer all the while he was busy creating the wildly successful roofing company Arctic Roofing in Lewiston, Maine. Norm was so constantly on the go from one end of the state to the other that the only job that would have required him to put more miles on his vehicles was that of a long-haul trucker. Norm sold Arctic Roofing in 2022 because it was too difficult to recruit reliable workers.


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