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Paige Ruddy Obituary, Bride To Be Dies From House Fire


Paige Ruddy Obituary, Death –  After Paige Ruddy was killed in a house fire in Reedsburg on the day of her wedding, the family she left behind is making preparations for her funeral rather than a wedding ceremony and reception. Ruddy, who was 19 years old, passed away on Wednesday afternoon due to a brain hemorrhage, as his family revealed. The brain hemorrhage was caused by smoke inhalation on Tuesday.

“She was nothing more than a priceless person. “There was nothing about her that you couldn’t like about her,” Ruddy’s Aunt Holly said. “She was perfect in every way.” “She was this presence in your life that you never knew you needed in your life, but you always did.”

Holly shared that Ruddy and her fiance Logan Mitchell-Carter had a secret ceremony to exchange their vows on Monday evening, prior to the intimate wedding. The pair desired for members of their immediate families to accompany them to the ceremony that was scheduled to take place in the Sauk County Courthouse on Tuesday. Together with Ruddy, Lily Markgraf received her diploma from Reedsburg Area High School in June of 2022.

When Markgraf moved to Reedsburg when she was in the seventh grade, Ruddy was the first friend she made in the town. Markgraf remarked that “she had a big caring heart,” referring to the subject. “She helped anyone who asked for aid, regardless of whether or not she really liked the person. If they required her assistance, she would be there to provide it for them. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how much I’m going to miss her.”

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