Parth Gandhi Murder–suicide, Salt Lake City, Man Killed Son and Committed Suicide


Parth Gandhi Murder–suicide, Death – The guy who was found dead in an office building in Salt Lake City along with his teenage son was identified as a parent by the Salt Lake City police department several days after the bodies of the man and his kid were discovered there. The dad had killed his son before taking his own life. On Saturday, a member of the local community discovered a dead corpse inside of an office property located at 2936 South Highland Drive and immediately notified the authorities of their discovery. The property may be found in Highland Park, which is the location of its location.

When authorities arrived, they discovered two bodies inside a structure in the area that had been damaged by the vehicle. The structure had been struck by the vehicle. Parth Gandhi, who is 49 years old, and his son, who is 16 years old and whose name was not provided by police, have been identified as the two individuals in the newly released data. Parth Gandhi is the older of the two, while his son is younger.

According to the information provided by the police, Gandhi is claimed to have killed his son before turning the gun on himself inside of the complex. Gandhi kept a private business as a neuropsychologist and an office there while he was employed at the center. As part of the inquiry, the police conducted a welfare check at Gandhi’s residence next to Sunnyside Park; however, the specifics of what may have been discovered during the welfare check were not made public to the general public. The inspection was carried out by the police.

The building in which the bones were discovered, which, according to a previous report by FOX 13 News, is mostly comprised of offices connected to medicine and other parts of healthcare, was the location of the discovery of the remains. According to the officials, the school district’s resource police have worked together with the Salt Lake School District to provide help to children and others of the community who may have been affected by the occurrence.

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