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Pete Duff Obituary, Windsor ON, Pete Duff has Passed Away


Pete Duff Obituary, Death – Pete Duff, who resided in Windsor, Ontario, and passed away today, was a beloved member of our community, and we were shocked and upset to learn of his untimely passing. When he was born, both of his parents, Eugene Duff and Ethel (Plummer) Duff, had already passed away; he was their son. He was named after both of his deceased parents.

His names were chosen to honor his parents who had passed away. Because neither of his parents were alive when he was born, he was given the names of his deceased parents. He was the only kid that his mother and father ever had, and he was born in Moncton, which is the place that he now considers to be his home. His mother and father both died before he was born.

After a successful and lengthy career with CN that covered a total of 36 years, Peter ultimately came to the conclusion that it was best for him to exit the industry. He did this in order to open himself up to additional opportunities. Before she wed Bob Duff, the former Bonnie (Fraser) Duff served in the United States Air Force for a while. After the couple wed, Bonnie (Fraser) Duff became known as Mrs. Bob Duff.

During her time working there, she was given a promotion that allowed her to become a captain. His present wife, Bonnie (Fraser) Duff, has a history of having two previous marriages, both of which resulted in her becoming a widow. Both of her previous marriages ended in divorce. Her two prior marriages also ended in divorce. Neither one worked out. Her two marriages did not result in the birth of any of her children, thus we cannot consider her to be a mother. The donor has the option of choosing which organization will be the receiver of the money that has been contributed.

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