Rab Fallon Obituary, Death, Ex-U.K. Subs Drummer Has Died

Rab Fallon Obituary, Death, Ex-U.K. Subs Drummer Has Died


Rab Fallon Obituary, Death – Rab Fallon (Rab fae Beith), a former drummer for the UK Subs, passed away today. Rab clearly left his mark on the U.K. Subs when they began recording music on his own RFB label in the middle of the 1980s.
It only takes a quick glance at Rab’s Facebook tributes to see how many people he touched with his wonderful, colorful life. On behalf of the whole Subs family, including band members and supporters, we would like to send our condolences to Heather and the rest of Rab’s family.
Rab’s fellow Scotsman Ricky McGuire, who performed with him on the Subs’ ‘Huntington Beach’ LP and other records, said the following of him: Rab’s death was recently announced to me, which was a really sad development.
I found out that Rab was ill when Charlie Harper and I ran into each other at the most recent Vive Le Rock awards, but I had no idea that I would find out such terrible news today.
It’s important to remember Rab as a charismatic individual who sparked conflict within the group and would headbutt you in the face if you came in the way of his plans. On the other hand, if he liked you, he would seize any chance to encourage and assist you. He asked me to move to London to improve my chances of finding a reputable band, and I soon found myself playing bass with him in the UK Subs.
Then came fun times and exciting tours! I regret not having another opportunity to see Rab. I always thought we’d get up and trade a ton of made-up stories about our time in the Subs the next time I was in the States.
“Sleep well, buddy!”
Charlie had this to say about Rab: “We played in his squat basement; a free rehearsal space owned by his first band the Wall, then the Pack. Rab was a good friend long before he joined the U.K. Subs. Only Rab thanked me for bringing him to America, where he currently resides with his devoted wife Heather. We are all quite saddened by this news.

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