Randy Matthews Obituary, Red River Livestock LLC Member Has Passed Away

Randy Matthews Obituary, Red River Livestock LLC Member Has Passed Away


Randy Matthews Obituary, Death –  Randy Matthews Has Passed Away leaving bhing loved ones, his wife and family, when Randy was still relatively young in his life, he made a public proclamation of his trust in Jesus Christ and joined the membership of Morning Star Baptist Church. During this time, he also became a member of the church.

Randy possesses a wide range of skills and has worked very hard to accomplish all of the things he has set out to do. While employed with Johnson Logging Company in Brantley, Alabama, where he worked for a number of years, he became an expert on a variety of logging machinery throughout his stint with the company. His time there allowed him to gain this expertise.

He was able to communicate complex procedures and coordinate the efforts of a group of people as if there was nothing challenging about the tasks at hand. Excavators, backhoes, and skidders were some of his favorite things to work on since he saw controlling them as being analogous to playing with enormous toys. He enjoyed working on these machines the most. Randy placed the utmost value on the time he was able to devote to his family, and he will be sorely missed by everyone he met and interacted with over the course of his life.

He leaves behind a lifetime of loving memories that will be remembered by his two sons, Devaris Skanes of Andalusia, Alabama, and Keon Meadows of Roanoke, Alabama; one brother, Louis (Valencia) Mathews of Dozier, Alabama; three grandkids; and a number of nieces, aunts, cousins, and other relatives as well as treasured friends. He was born in Dozier, Alabama. Dozier, Alabama was his hometown, and he attended and graduated from Dozier High School.


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