Derrick Lee McKenzie Obituary, Death, Derrick Lee McKenzie has passed away

Rick Hoyt Obituary, Death, Rick Hoyt has passed away


Rick Hoyt Obituary, Death – Rick Hoyt, who had been a part of our community for the previous 61 years, passed away yesterday, and it was with heavy hearts that we all said our final farewells to him. Rick had been a part of our community for the previous 61 years. Before that, Rick had spent the previous 61 years as a contributing member of our community.

Rick had been a member of our community for the preceding 61 years, which qualified him as a senior citizen. Athletes such as the BeTriForUs team and countless others who, if it were not for Rick’s tremendous amount of energy, perseverance, endurance, and resilience, would not have otherwise been able to compete in events situated all over the world now have the opportunity to do so! Rick Hoyt’s legacy, along with that of his father Dick Hoyt, will endure throughout the ages.

This is due to the positive effect that Rick Hoyt has had on the lives of the people whom he has helped, as well as the difference that he has made for countless others in the past and will continue to make in the future. Because of the same factors, Dick Hoyt’s legacy will also endure over the generations. The name Rick Hoyt will be remembered for all of eternity, just as the name Dick Hoyt was remembered for all of time, as a result of this.

Additionally, Dick Hoyt will be leaving behind a legacy that will endure for all of eternity after his passing. After Dick Hoyt died away, the legacy that he left behind has also kept going strong throughout the years that have passed since his passing. building a community that is accepting and tolerant of individuals of all walks of life while simultaneously spreading the word that one is capable of achieving anything they set their mind to by adopting a “Yes, You Can” mentality in their day-to-day lives is the goal of this movement.

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