Rob Lawrence Obituary, Death, Rob Lawrence has passed away

Rob Lawrence Obituary, Death, Rob Lawrence has passed away


Rob Lawrence Obituary, Death – It is with a heavy heart that we have to break the news to you that one of our very own has passed away. This past week saw the passing of Lt. Rob Lawrence, whose departure from this world came much too soon. Rob served the community of Coventry Township for almost 25 years in a variety of roles, including those of firefighter, paramedic, and even lieutenant.

Rob committed every single day of his life to improving the lives of people in Coventry Township. Rob was a skilled first responder who devoted his life to assisting others in the capacities of firefighter and paramedic. He had a lot of experience in these jobs. Always the first person to enter a structure that has caught fire, and always someone who can be relied upon to find the source of the fire and put it out.

As a paramedic, he served our community for many years, and throughout that time, he was directly responsible for saving the lives of many individuals. Rob’s dedication to the community did not end when he was on-duty; rather, it lasted even while he was at home, as proven by the fact that he would leave whatever he was doing and return to aid his fellow Brothers when they needed it. Rob’s devotion to the community did not end when he was on-duty.

By imparting the knowledge and insight that he had gained over the years to others around him, he made sure that those who worked with him improved as individuals. He served as a teacher and guide to a great number of people who worked in the firehouse. During this trying time, his family and the people he cared about the most are in our thoughts and prayers. Both the visiting hours and the funeral service will be held at the Schermesser Funeral Home in Green (for a link to the schedule, click here). The visitation will take place on Thursday, May 18th.

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