Ronald Laffins Obituary, Ronald James Laffins Has Passed Away

Ronald Laffins Obituary, Ronald James Laffins Has Passed Away


Ronald Laffins Obituary, Death – RJ LAFFINS The city of Chico, in the state of California, was both the location of Ronald James Laffins Jr.’s birth and his upbringing. He will be 62 years old this year. He had been struggling against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) for close to two years before he ultimately gave up the fight and passed away. RJ was born on November 11, 1960, at Enloe, and he died away peacefully on May 9, 2023, at the very same hospital where he was born.

RJ was born on November 11, 1960, at Enloe. RJ acquired his education in the local community, beginning at Hooker Oak and Parkview Elementary and continuing on to Chico Junior High School and Chico Senior High School, where he graduated with the class of 1979. RJ’s education culminated in the University of California, Davis. His boyhood was spent at the Butte Creek Country club, where he learnt to play golf and went on to win multiple junior championships.

When he was a child, he used to sneak out of the golf cart and stand in the streams and ponds to look for golf balls that had been dropped. Before beginning his career in professional baseball, he played baseball at Chico Senior High, San Jose State University, and Butte College. RJ’s love in music was sparked when, when he was still quite young, he decided to buy himself a drum set, much to the chagrin of both his family and his neighbors.

It was nothing out of the ordinary to find him thrashing around with a pair of drumsticks in his hands, beating on tables, steering wheels, or anything else he could find to do so. Because he had so much fun doing it, he decided to become a DJ when he was in college. Ever since then, he has never stopped spreading his love of music, particularly funk from the 1970s. RJ’s Vinyl Mix was the name of his radio show that he hosted for the preceding many years on the local community station KZFR. The most recent performances he gave were at the Empire Club and the Golden Beaver Distillery, both of which were attended by enthusiastic crowds.


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