Rosa Rivera Obituary, Death, Rosa Rivera has passed away

Rosa Rivera Obituary, Death, Rosa Rivera has passed away


Rosa Rivera Obituary, Death – y eleven out of the remaining thirty-one days till I get married In Commemoration of My Own Personal Recollections: Rosa Rivera 1.22.22. This day, in the year 102, my dear Abuela Rosa passed away peacefully in her sleep. The news that she had passed away came as a surprise to us, despite the fact that we were aware that her health had been deteriorating. Jonita Justice took it upon herself to pay for everything up front while we were trying to gather the monies for her cremation. This occurred when we were trying to collect the funds.

The realization of this made it possible for us to continue forward with our plans. That is absolutely in line with the type of person that she is. Despite the fact that she received compensation for the compassionate deed that she performed, my loved ones and I will be grateful to her for the rest of our lives. Because I am the same way, I fell in love with Jo because of how generous and unselfish she is. Because of this, I became her boyfriend. In spite of the fact that I am occasionally judgmental of her actions in this regard, the fact that she behaves in this way is one of the factors that contributed to my attraction to her. #TEAMoUS #6.3.23

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