Rosa Zareaseisan Car Accident, Rosa Zareaseisan Has Passed Away

Rosa Zareaseisan Car Accident, Rosa Zareaseisan Has Passed Away


Rosa Zareaseisan Car Accident, Death –  On Tuesday evening in Tarzana, a woman was struck and murdered by a car who fled the scene after the incident, and the police have not yet been able to identify the offending motorist. Tuesday night around 10:30 p.m., officers from the Los Angeles Police Department were dispatched to the area of Reseda Boulevard near Braemar Country Club, where they discovered the victim lying in the road. Rosa Zareaseisan, 45, a resident of Los Angeles, was determined to be the person who was killed on Wednesday afternoon.

“It was definitely very, very high speed because the car parts were everywhere,” claimed a witness named Aidin Yousefi. “I saw these AirPods in the street, and I also saw a cell phone that was broken, and I tried to call 911, but I couldn’t.” But my partner was able to get through to the emergency services and ask for help.”

According to the investigators, it is possible that Zareaseisan was out on a run when she was struck by a vehicle. It was determined that she had passed away at the site. Yousefi stated, “I wish I could have done something, but it was already too late,” and he was right.

The motorist fled the scene, and the police have not provided a description of the vehicle that was involved. The wreckage from the crash that was discovered on the side of the road on Reseda Boulevard is currently being examined by investigators in search of potential clues. The debris that was discovered from the area may have belonged to a Range Rover SUV, according to the detectives.

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