Josh Stubbs Obituary, Josh Stubbs Has Passed Away

Scott Gordon Obituary, Scott Gordon Has Died


Scott Gordon Obituary, Death –  We are sorry to inform you that our owner, Scott Gordon, left this life at nine o’clock this morning in a calm and serene manner. His passing came as a surprise to everyone. This is a piece of news that we have to deliver to you with a heavy heart. It is with a heavy heart that we must share this information with you at this juncture.

We would ask that you kindly accept our sincere apologies in advance for any difficulty that this may create. Nevertheless, in the interim, his family can be reached at their home, which is located on Cherokee Falls Road. However, in the meanwhile, members of his family can be found at the location in question. Very soon, the general public will be told of the arrangements that have been made for his funeral.

The general public will be informed of the particulars of the funeral rites very promptly after they have been finalized for him. During the duration of his illness, we are thankful to everyone who has reached out to us by calling, coming to see, or leaving a note to show their concern for us.

We are appreciative to everyone who has done any of these things. These expressions of worry have been sent to us in the form of phone calls, in-person visits, and notes. Your compassion for him was very clear for everybody to see, and the knowing that he is at peace with Jesus right now at this very moment is a consolation that each and every one of us may find solace in.


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