Scott Graham Obituary, Death Montgomery Alabama, Funeral Details


Scott Graham Obituary  – Scott Graham, a dear friend, passed away over the weekend. Scott is the former proprietor of Auburn’s Design One Irrigation. When I first met Scott, some 16 or 17 years ago, we were making the shift from mostly doing lawn maintenance to also doing landscape installation, and I knew very nothing about irrigation. After being introduced by Rex Ponder, Scott and I hit it off immediately; for the next five years, he handled all of our irrigation installations, repairs, service calls, and training.

We kept Scott busy with service calls and repair work that we either couldn’t get to or didn’t have the knowledge and/or expertise to complete in a timely manner until Cutting Edge matured to the point where we could form an in-house irrigation team to handle all of our own installs. In my twenty-one years at the company, this is the longest working relationship I’ve ever had, and it’s also turned into a wonderful friendship.

Scott’s untimely passing will be tragic news for many of our staff members who came to know and like him. Scott would frequently drop by the office to deliver WIP and invoices. My yellow Lab, Belle, used to get really excited whenever Scott came to visit. It was a regular occurrence for him to give her a passionate kiss on the lips whenever he came to visit me in my office. On Friday, Scott sent me some invoices and we talked about upcoming projects while catching up on each other’s lives and summer plans.

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