Sharon Simpson Obituary, Death, Sharon Simpson Has Sadly Passed Away


Sharon Simpson Obituary, Death – Our much loved Benedictine sister Sharon Simpson Simpson passed away this morning, and we take comfort in the knowledge that this honorable and devoted servant of the Lord is now at peace with him. The news of her departure has provided us with a great deal of solace this morning. During the many years that she worked as a teacher in the Religious Education department at St. Joseph’s, Sr. Sharon had an influence that was both important and profound on a huge number of the students and staff there.

This was a result of her dedication, her deep faith, and the tremendous love that she had for the students that she taught. She came to be an integral part of our congregation over time. In addition to that, she had a profound love for the students that she instructed. We will never forget you, Sr. Sharon, and our thoughts and hearts will remain with you always and forever. Funeral arrangements will be private. O Lord, may you bestow upon her the peace that lasts till the very end of time, and may the eternal light that you offer shine upon her at all times.

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