Stewart Boone Obituary, Death, Funeral Details


Stewart Boone Obituary, Death – FINAL GOODBYE: A man from Virginia Beach who made it through World War II was able to avoid being captured and a destiny that was almost certainly death as a consequence of his unwavering tenacity and some fantastic luck. During his time in the United States Armed Forces, Stewart Boone was a member of a unit that saw action in the Battle of the Bulge.

Unfortunately, despite the battalion’s best efforts, they were unable to prevail over the German soldiers in the end. During that time, Boone was a soldier in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. He served in both World War I and World War II. After being taken captive, his fellow troops were subjected to prolonged periods of torture before ultimately being put to death in large numbers.
The only way that Boone and eleven other people were able to escape the potentially lethal situation was by sprinting through the heavy snow while the temperature was below zero. In the early part of this week, Mr. Boone, who had reached the ripe old age of 98, passed away. He was 98 years old when he passed away; he had reached that age when he passed away. A couple of months ago, while Greg McQuade was touring the Virginia War Memorial.

He had the opportunity to talk with an excited service member who was visiting the memorial for the first time. The veteran reflected on his time served in the armed forces with a sense of immense satisfaction. There, a group of people who are committed to commemorating the Battle of the Bulge acted toward the veteran as if he were a star, treating him with the respect that they would a renowned person and treating him as if he were someone who had been in the spotlight. They showed him the utmost deference and reverence that was humanly possible. They dealt with him as if he were somebody really vital to their cause, and they acted as though he was important to their cause.

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