Susan Harling Obituary, Death, Susan Harling Has Died

Susan Harling Obituary, Death, Susan Harling Has Died


Susan Harling Obituary, Death – Sue had over thirty years of experience in elementary education and passed away peacefully at the age of 56 after a battle with breast cancer. She had worked in numerous schools in the San Juan District as a mentor teacher, facilitating parent involvement, helping set up technology, co-teaching multigrade level classrooms, working with Chapter 1 children, working as a curriculum specialist, and assisting parents in learning quality methods to help their children.

Sue had also assisted parents in learning quality methods to help their children. She began her career in the Lodi School District where she served as an assistant principle and later as the principal. She finished her career in the Elk Grove School District where she worked as a math curriculum specialist and a Math Matters Coach. Sue has served as both the President and Vice President of the Sacramento Area Mathematics Educators and the Capital Computer Using Educators in the past.

She was a member of the State Mathbooks Adoption Committee for a total of two terms and served as the Treasurer of the California Mathematics Council. She had a special place in her heart for children who were having difficulty learning. Kayaking and taking long walks along the American River Parkway were two of Sue and her husband’s favorite things to do in their spare time.

Sue is survived by her husband, their son Robert, and their granddaughter Montanna Rayne Harling, both of whom reside in Valley Center. She is survived by her mother, Patty Smith, and her sisters, Trink and Lisa Praxel, Patty Smith, and Karen Hanks. She also leaves behind her father, Tony Praxel, and her brothers, Jack and Joe Praxel. The family would like to express their gratitude to both Dr. Ed Hearn and the infusion nurses at Kaiser Permanente Hospital for their help, as well as the kind nursing team at Hospital de Sao Jose, Neurosurgery Service Intermediary Care Unit, located at Rua Jose Antonio Serrano in Lisbon, Portugal.

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