T Bone Car Accident, Two Women Injured in Violent Car Crash


T Bone Car Accident – According to the Peel police department, an individual who was involved in a “violent” collision that was captured on home surveillance tape earlier this week has been seized and charged. The film was captured earlier this week. A collision that took place on Tuesday at the intersection of Mountainash Road and Countryside Drive left two ladies with major injuries, according to a press statement that was issued by the police.

The collision took place at the intersection of Mountainash Road and Countryside Drive. It was approximately 10:25 p.m. when the call came in to call the local police to the scene. A video of the accident that was shared on social media looked to show a black Audi moving at a high rate of speed before hitting with a vehicle that was turning left and was inhabited by two women. The video also appeared to show that the black Audi collided with the vehicle after the vehicle had already turned left.

A bail hearing has been set for the Brampton man, age 21, who was driving the Audi and is currently being held in custody. The hearing will take place on the specified day. Two counts of risky operation that resulted in bodily harm have been brought against him in accordance with the Criminal Code. He is currently being accused of the aforementioned things. In addition to this, an investigation is being conducted into whether or not he broke any traffic laws by racing a motor vehicle, driving under suspension, or operating a motor vehicle without insurance.

All of these activities are considered to be moving offences. According to the statement that was made public by the police department, “Investigators are currently reviewing the evidence, including multiple video angles, and investigating the possibility that another vehicle may have been involved.” Anyone who may have seen the crash or who may have video footage from a dashboard camera should immediately get in touch with the authorities.

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