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Thomas Reade Car Accident, Death, Thomas Reade Has Passed Away


Thomas Reade Car Accident, Death – On April 29, it was found out that a guy named Thomas Michael Readel, who was 47 years old at the time of the incident, had been struck and killed by an automobile close to Mojave. The investigation into the incident was completed on April 29. An inquiry of the occurrence is still being carried out at this time. Because Readel was a resident of Norwalk at the time of the occurrence, it was feasible to positively identify the individual who had been victimized and discover their name.

The conclusions drawn from the investigation have been made available to members of the general public by the Kern County Coroner’s Office. According to the findings of the medical examiner, it was ultimately found that the collision was the primary cause of his passing away.

This conclusion was reached at the end of the investigation. According to the report from the coroner, on April 29, 2023, at around 12:17 a.m., it was reported that the victim, who was identified as a male, was hit by a car on the northbound side of Highway 14, south of Highway 58 in the city of Mojave. The location of the incident may be found in Mojave. There is a possibility that the city of Mojave is where the incident took place. There is a chance that the incident took place in Mojave.

This is certainly a possibility. There is a possibility that the event occurred in the city of Mojave. This is a possibility. This is not completely out of the question. There is a chance that the incident occurred in Mojave, and it’s possible that this place was the scene of the crime. It’s not entirely impossible to imagine this happening.

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