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Timur Murtazin Obituary, New Jersey, Timur Murtazin Has Passed Away


Timur Murtazin Obituary, Death –  On Friday, the authorities found that the person who was hit and killed by a train that was operated by NJ Transit earlier this week in Essex County was a 22-year-old male resident of Millburn. They also determined that the victim was struck by the train in Essex County. In the earlier part of the week, the incident took place.

The occurrence of the incident occurred in the earlier half of the week. The event that was scheduled to take place earlier in the week actually did take place earlier in the week. The fact that the person in question was, in fact, the victim of the crime was something that the authorities were able to demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt.

According to staff of NJ Transit, Timur Murtazin was hurt on Wednesday at approximately 12:19 p.m. when the incident occurred. The occurrence took place in the area close to the east end of the platform at the Short Hills station in Millburn, New Jersey. The station is located in the state of New Jersey.

Train No. 417 had left Hoboken at 11:36 in the morning, and the preliminary itinerary indicated that it was scheduled to arrive in Gladstone at 1:16 in the afternoon. The departure time of the train had been 11:36 in the morning. On the other hand, there was a holdup with the train. There were a total of twenty passengers on board the car, as indicated by the data that was provided by NJ Transit.



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