Todd King Obituary, Florida, Todd King has Reportedly Passed Away


Todd King Obituary, Death – After hearing the terrible news about Todd King’s passing, my entire being is filled with an overwhelming sense of loss. I am going to grievously miss him. When I try to accurately articulate what an incredible person he was, I find that I am at a loss for words and find it difficult to express my admiration for him. He was just another example of such types of people. My child was the lucky recipient of such an unbelievable amount of love, as well as love of such high quality, from his side. Even as recently as this morning, in the course of our text-based exchanges, we were musing over the possibility of meeting together.

He is the kind of person that puts others’ needs before his own and is always willing to provide a hand. He was there for my family during the most difficult moments that we had, and he helped to build some of the happiest memories that my son will have with him for the rest of his life. He was there for my family when we had the most difficult circumstances. When we required his assistance the most, he was available to us. Because he was such a devoted supporter of the New England Patriots, it filled him with an overwhelming sense of joy whenever he heard Hunter making light of the situation.

Under any circumstances, I will not be able to verify or refute the claims that are being made about the reality of these rumors. I don’t want to believe it. During the time that you spent on this planet, Todd, you were able to demonstrate better than anybody else could the characteristics that are typically associated with angels. You, as well as everything you did for Hunter and for my family, are things that I will never forget, and you can be sure that I will never forget either of those things. In addition, the amount of help that you have offered for me is something that I will never forget. We love ya buddy

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