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Tyquan Fantroy Missing, Conecuh County Native, Tyquan Fantroy Has Been Found Dead


Tyquan Fantroy Missing, Death –  The Conecuh County Coroners Office has announced that the deceased body of a man that was found on May 14 has been discovered to be that of a missing individual from Conecuh County. The subject had been reported missing from Conecuh County. It was alleged that the individual in question had vanished while in the jurisdiction of Conecuh County.

The Conecuh County Coroners Office has issued a statement to this effect. Tyquan Fantroy, who was 27 years old at the time, had not been seen or heard from since the 29th of March, 2023, when he was last seen in the town of Burnt Corn. No one knew where he was or what happened to him. Since that time, no one has seen him or heard anything about him.

His body was found in the woods just off of County Road 30 on the morning of Sunday, where it had been there since the previous night. The discovery was made on Sunday. The information on Fantroy’s cause of death, according to the office of the coroner, “is not available at this time,” and they have no basis to think that there was any unlawful behavior connected to his passing in connection with his passing.

When Fantroy’s disappearance was first reported to the Conecuh County Sheriff’s Office, the officers there suspected that he may have been on foot because his vehicle had been left behind. This was the case because his vehicle had been left behind. Because of this, they started having the suspicion that he might have become disoriented and wandered off. His family has been informed of the circumstances, and they have received the information that they required to respond appropriately.



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