Cathrine Shanafelt Obituary, Cathrine Shanafelt Has Passed Away

Vicxon Gray Obituary, Vicxon Gray Has Been Shot Dead


Vicxon Gray Obituary, Death –  The law enforcement officers who are conducting the investigation into the shooting that took place there have made public the identity of the man who was killed by a gunshot on Thursday in the Park Hill region. The man was found dead in the vicinity of where the incident took place. Thursday was the day that the shooting took place.

Vicxon Gray, who was 24 years old at the time of his death, was discovered dead on Thursday at 1:30 p.m., and his body was discovered in the rear driveway of a property that was located in the 1700 block of Wilson Avenue. The cause of Vicxon Gray’s death has not been determined.

Gray’s lifeless body was located in the driveway of the house. Gray was shot, and the personnel who provide emergency medical services found that he had passed away as a direct result of his injuries at the exact moment that they were treated.

This was after they had determined that he had passed away as a direct result of his injuries. In spite of the fact that Gray was receiving medical attention for his wounds, this decision was nonetheless made. No information that could lead to the involvement of any suspects in the incident has been made public by the Little Rock Police Department, and they have not disclosed any information at all. This is due to the absence of any evidence that could possibly support such a claim.



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