William Petche Obituary, William Petche Has Passed Away

William Petche Obituary, William Petche Has Passed Away


William Petche Obituary, Death –  On Thursday, May 18, 2023, at the UH Lake West Medical Center in Willoughby, Ohio, William M. Petche, who had reached the age of 83 at the time of his death, passed away quietly. At the time of his dying, he was the only patient who was being treated at the facility. At the time of his passing, he was participating in treatment at the facility.

He went to the local physicians in an attempt to obtain some assistance from them. He was operating on the assumption that his current address in Mentor, Ohio, would serve as his home for the foreseeable future. Scott, the father’s son, was there to console him in his final moments and to be by his side as he died away in the company of his family. Scott was there when his father passed away in the company of his family.

When the man passed away, Scott was there to witness it. His birth date is August 28th, 1939, and the city of Cleveland was the location of his very first debut in our world. His birthday is August 28th, 1939. The 28th of August is when he celebrates his birthday. It turns out that the day he was born is the same day that the city was officially designated as existing. This particular day has been designated as his birthday so that we can honor him by commemorating the day he was born.

Bill began his postsecondary education in 1957, the same year that he received his diploma from Shaw High School and enrolled in his first class at Bowling College. Bill’s postsecondary education began at Bowling College. After completing the requirements for his associate’s degree in the subject he was researching at Bowling College, he went on to acquire his bachelor’s degree in the field of…




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