Yale New Haven Hospital Shooting, No Injuries Reported After Drive by Shooting


Yale New Haven Hospital Shooting – A considerable increase in the number of law enforcement personnel who were on duty in the neighborhood as a direct response to the shooting that took place on Monday afternoon in front of Yale New Haven Hospital can be attributed to the fact that there was a prompt response to the incident. The authorities claim that they have not been told of anyone being harmed as a direct result of the incident and that they have not received any reports to that effect. In addition, the authorities state that they have not received any reports of injuries.

After three o’clock in the afternoon, the event occurred, as stated by Marc D’Antonio, who is the representative for public relations at the medical center. The hospital was kind enough to supply this information. According to him, operations at the hospital were proceeding in the same manner as they have for some time now, which is to say that business was continuing as usual. D’Antonio claims that the incident took place on either Howard or York Street, both of which are located in close proximity to the hospital that provides an emergency care center.

D’Antonio also claims that the hospital was not involved in the incident. At this stage of the investigation, it is incumbent upon the New Haven Police Department to take the initiative to head it up and direct its direction. This is because it is their responsibility to do so. According to remarks made by Police Department Chief Karl Jacobson, two vehicles were involved in a brief exchange of gunfire, which was followed by both drivers fleeing the scene in their respective vehicles.

The statements were made by Chief Karl Jacobson of the Police Department. The images that were taken by a team from FOX61 at the location show the yellow tape that has been placed up on the path. These photographs were taken at the location. In addition to that, there are images in the photographs that depict police cruisers. There was no additional information that could be given in addition to what was been given, as there was none available.

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